February 26th

Nice flowers up on the hills


Houses in different states of repair

Colourful houses and the view over
Valparaiso and Viņa del Mar in the distance

Colourful murals on the streets

More murals

A bench outside of Pablo Neruedas home

The Valparaiso home of Pablo Nerueda,
Nobel laureate in literature

Pillars in the entrance hallway


His bar, he liked to collect neat things


Study on the top floor

Dining room

Living room with a cool fireplace

Cool restaurant where we ate lunch, it was in a back alley and there was a line-up to get in


Man who sang Chilean songs for us.
The place was ful of odd collections
on every available wall

Martina and I waiting for our food. Everyone who ate there wrote their name on the walls and furniture or left their picture whereever they found a space

I'm adding my mark to the furniture



There are many public elevators
on the hills around the city