Pictures of Santiago


View of downtown Santiago and if you
look closely you can see my building

View of Providencia


View from the Tapahue pool towards the north


View to the north from my roof-top pool


View to the southeast


View to the northeast with a
glacier just barely visible

After a few weeks in Santiago I could
finally see the snowtops of the Andes

Sunset from the other side of the valley


Just beyond the hill is the hospital
where I am studying

Museo Bellas Artes in the main exhibit hall

A wooden tree in the art museum

You can watch cartoons in some local buses

Sculpture near the highway

Plaza de Armas at midday

La Moneda at dusk

Pablo Nerudas house La Chascona

He had nice stone mosaics in Santiago aswell

Even without the sea the house resembled a boat

Colourful glasses

Whimsical bar

And lots of stairs in the garden

Horse-drawn transportation outside
my window is a daily view

Marathon along the Alameda on Sunday


A bar in Avenida Suecia :-)


A corner in Bellavista done in mosaic


The newly opened Centro Cultural
Moneda is underground with the fountains
of Plaza de la Libertad above.

Street artist in
the pedestrian streets in
central Santiago


Mixed architecture

Avocado tree