Mom and Dad visit

April 1st-19th

Rocky beach at Isla Negra

with very big waves

and nice flowers

Dad looking at the houses on the beach

Cool trees

Mom and dad outside Pablo Nerudas house

Dining room


Living room with lots of shipsheads

Horse with 3 tails

Glass bottle collection in the window

View of the Pacific ocean

Rock mosaics along the bottom of the house

His grave in the garden

with more cool plants

My parents have just discovered happy hour


A walk in Parque Quinta Normal


The pavilion that was built for the Expo
in Paris and reassembled here


Dad checking his e-mail

An evening pizza snack in Bellavista

Street artist at Bellavista Patio

Lunch break on the way up to Glacier El Morado

Almost at the top

Alexis playing the flute

Dad, Jorge, me and mom at the top

The glacial lake

Sunset in the mountains

Photo break on the way home to take
pictures of all the horses and donkeys


The horses, cows and donkeys were
coming down the mountain for the winter


People outside the church in San Jose
de Maipo at the Saturday evening
service before Palm Sunday

Centro Artesenal de Los Dominicos

Jan and Clara at Los Dominicos

Bonsai palm tree


Pink flowers up close

More bonsai trees in the exhibit

Dad waiting for mom and I to finish shopping

Mom buying a shall

More inspiration for my mom's garden

There were lots of birds in a big
cage between all the stores

Nice white bird who finally looked at me




Pottery from Pomaire


Mom and dad with all our bags
(my wooden bowl is the big one)

Jan and Clara at the Museo
Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Fish at Mercado Central

where we ate lunch one day

Meat truck outside the markets

Rapa Nui dancers at the touristy
dinner and dance show

And my parents danced with the


traditional folkloric dancers