Life in Santiago


Good street name!

Clara on Sero San Cristobal

Clara at the Tapahue pool

Martina, Rona, Cecile and Markus at Baquedano


Annika, me, Anika, Willie & Tillmann
in my spanish class the 2nd week

My spanish class week 4:
Marcelo, me, Dario and Andre

Martina, Roxana, Andrea and I
outside of the school

The Bienvenidos in the garden
behind the school every Monday

First year students at Universidad de Chile
covered in paint and begging for money

Me in my pool with a great view but
it isn't very big or deep

Clara and Martina by my pool


Flowers everywhere match my hair


Isidora trying on my shoes


Martina tasting fruit with Cerro
San Cristobal in the background

Christina found a spider when we
were walking around Peñalolen


Panchi (CISV Chile), Charlotte (Amy's
sister), me and Amy get together at their hostel


Amy (Belgian leader at my village in
France last summer) and I on Cerro
San Cristobal when she was in town

Eating grapes at artist Mario Irarrázabal's
house with Jorge, Markus and Christina


One day I was going for a walk and met
about 100 police officers going in the
other direction and no cars on the
Alameda, so I had to take a picture

Turns out the new president had just
driven by and was at the Moneda to
give her first speech to the people
which I got the see

There is Michelle Bachelet
on the balcony of the Moneda


And lots of people there to watch

The next day was also a big party in the streets

with a stage in the middle of the Alameda

Martina and I at the consert


The president singing the national anthem,
she is the one in black right under the flag

Lots of singing and dancing



Pilar playing in a club

with her Beatles band The Brits

My bedroom

The kitchen with its balcony

View from my shower

Living room and balcony

Green glitter-table

Table in the corner of the living room