April 29th -May 1st

Villarica volcano seen from Pucóns shore

Clara getting ready to go canopying

You can see the volcano from here too

Clara zooming along

Martina is ready to go

Martina coming to a stop

Clara coming across the valley
on the last strech of wire

On Sunday it was windy so we went
to the Huerquehue national park

and saw sheep with fat heads,


lots of bamboo in the forest,

a big waterfall,

and of course Villarica in the distance

Martina waiting by the lake in the
park for the bus back to town

An evening swim in the thermal pools


Early morning at the climbing store only to find
out it was too windy to climb the volcano :-(

Waiting for the bus

I floated around watching shooting stars

Yummy breakfast at our hostel

Martina crossing the river

Horseback riding up a mountain

Clara crossing back over the river

Our mapuche guide and me taking a break

enjoying the view over Pucón

Trying to keep the horse from galloping

Traditional mapuche saddle and stirrups

Sunset over lake Villarica befor going home

Ready for a good nights sleep on
our cama bus back to Santiago