School and student activities

Paro Nacional

May 30th - ???

Facultad de Medicina on strike May 30th

The day began with several assemblies and
discussions with the dean, teachers and students

The first assembly was held in the same room
where ceremonies such as graduation are held

The floor of the student union hall was
covered in painted banners that were drying

Fifth year students after discussions on the
education law ready to go out and demonstrate

Outside the faculty with big signs so
no one can miss that we are on strike

Fellow students putting up our signs on busses

Us all walking into town

Crossing Plaza de Armas

Schools are occupied all across the country


Protests in the city center got violent with
police spraying water canons att protesters

And the kids threw rocks at the police
busses and trucks

Lots of teargas was also used to disperse people


Ahora es Cuando - Now is When
the FECH student union slogan

The statue outside the main building got
new clothes and accessories every day

Thursday June 1st was calmer as students
stood outside the main government building

The FECH took over and occupied the main
building of U de Chile on tuesday evening

At many schools cultural events took
place such as this dance show

Medical students in the city center
explaining to people why the
education law needs to be changed

The LOCE (education law) is dead, protest
are becoming more creative and done in small

groups so as not to attract police attention

One of the courtyards in the main building
of U de Chile turned into banner making
central when I visited on Wed. June 7th

Professors speaking about the law in
the other courtyard (until the power was
turned on and we could move inside)

This courtyard has also been nicely
decorated while it is occupied


In the main auditorium which looked more
like a theater but with people sleeping on
the floor up on the balconies

Same courtyard as above, I guess the rector
hasn't been able to get to his office in the
corner the past week

The penguin is the symbol for the secondary
school students who are leading the protest
(cause they all wear school uniforms)

Entrance to the engineering faculty,
they are also on strike


Down with the LOCE, new banners
on the main building of U de Chile

Some making fun of Chile's president


Others more creative in an artistic way


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