Buenos Aires

June 3-6th

The Obelix in the middle
of Avenida 9 de Julio

Plaza de Mayo and the pink
government building

Tango dancers in the streets everywhere


Musicians playing in the street

The market in San Telmo

with lots of antiques

Old family homes have been turned into

small shops for tourists

Ficus plants grow into big trees on the streets

More antique and second hand shops


New designers sell their clothes at the
Plaza Dorrego market aswell

Lots of people enjoying the sunny
Sunday in San Telmos streets

Recoletta cemetary in the middle of the city


Lots of mausoleums in different
architectural styles packed close together

An old grave with many coffins
piled ontop of each other

Eva Peron or Evita's grave

Many have little alters inside

Hundreds of angels on the rooftops

Sunday afternoon in the park

Martina and Clara enjoying cotton candy

while most of the Argentineans drink matte

Cute grocery shop

Not all parts of the city are as nice

The bead store!!!!!

Colourful houses in La Boca

which is the old harbour

and is now a very touristy area

with many artists

Me on my bike tour

View of the city from the ecological reserv

Puerto Maderas harbour

Bike trail in the ecological reserv

View in the other direction compared to above

The bridge is supposed to represent a
couple dancing tango (don't ask how...)

Cute statue in the harbour area


A door with typical Argentinean painting


My favorite of the Buenos Aires cow parade

Along the quay in the port

Lunch in the sun at Plaza Dorrego

Breakfast at our hostel

Flower sculpture at the U.N. park

Nice birds in the wild

Even the street art is nicer here

Fat tree apparently stocking up on water

Even in the fall there are nice flowering trees